Welcome to Aqueduct Classics

About the club

The club was formed in 2010, we are a non profit making Classic Trials organisation based around the North East Wales borders. Now in 2018 the club has become firmly established on the Pre 65 Trials scene. We are a riders club and would love for you to give us your input to ensure that you continue to enjoy riding our trials, after all there is always room for improvement.



Meet the team GDPR

A Christmas Message. Alberts Poem

With Pen or Punch, this Happy Bunch turn out in every weather

They come to serve and to observe, the riders at their leisure

Some are old, some are new

All they ask is a big..... Thank You



A loving reply (from Dave Beddoes)

Something different at Plas-Onn, All observers except one

Missing Albert’s expertise, He sees you between the trees

Sneaky dabs or rolling back, Albert’s eyes are on your track

They say you’re feeling not too well, Return soon and give us hell

You are missing from our lives, Come back Albert, give us fives!

If you are looking for an entry form for the next event, please following the links.